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this narrative of your brother, 1, your fabulous aunt character in mexico getting frosty into mexico and running around with frita caller and your discovery of apples? >> this is astonishing, are we talking about the family past apple? >> both and the way thing danagers come together, yeah. >> kind of astonishing, again working on the idea that everything is passed down in families is it or is it not or is it coincidence. my father had a difficult relationship with his father from mexico. we knew our family had this chain of nurseries from mexico. i never understood because my father would change tg subject when his name came up. our grandfather was an orchardist at the turn of the century. >> which you hadn't even known. >> i didn't know it until i discovered this at the archive when i was trying to page through all of these things. then i discovered an obituary that had been written about our grandfather when he died when we were much to young to remember him. it was very, very long in the texas at the time. it detailed every, all the rare plants, specimen plants, horticultural, introducing th
. >>> the war next door, is the obama administration downplaying the danger along the u.s.-mexico border? tonight, an exclusive nbc investigation. >>> and young hero, news about the brave teen that the whole world is pulling for. nightly news begins now. >>> good evening, there is every reason to believe the live television audience watching the vp debate tonight will be every bit as large as the last presidential debate, and because that debate was something of a game-changer, as it turned out, the stakes going into tonight are higher for two men from similar backgrounds, who are very different. for starters, this is the broadest age difference of any debate. our political team is in place tonight, our coverage includes our nbc polling numbers out just tonight on this race we want to begin with nbc's ron mott in danville, kentucky, tonight, good evening. >> reporter: hey, brian, to you, vice president joe biden will be there at that table, paul ryan the other table. congressman ryan comes into this debate, riding the republican wave of momentum the forward progress is what vp biden hope
mario calderon podria dirigirse a mexico para evitar su captura... ---las lesiones recibidas por las victimas parecen no ser de gravedad... cu ---un incendiario de botes de basura continua haciendo de las suyas al oeste de san jose... take vo ---anoche en la calle "delna manor lane" los bomberos fueron llamados luego de reportarse un basurero en llamas... afortunadamente nadie resulto herido ya que los vecinos apagaron el fuego... ---en esa zona ya se han reportado nueve incendios de ese tipo desde el 26 de septiembre... por cierto los bomberos distribuyeron volantes para prevenir a los vecinos... ---hasta el momento los incendios no han pasado a mayores pero los bomberos dicen que este tipo de fugo pueden salirse de control rapidamente. cesar ---podrian pasar varias semanas, para que las pruebas de adn revelen take map si los restos encontrados en el poblado de linden, cerca de stockton, take vo son los de la menor michaela garecht quien fue raptada hace 24 anos frente a una tienda en hayward... ---las osamentas fueron encontradas en la fosa donde los llamados asesinos "speedfreak k
de la ciudad... ---ahora sospechan que mario calderon podria dirigirse a mexico para evitar su captura... cesar ---la policia de santa clara continua esta noche la investigacion del segundo tiroteo del aÑo que involucro a uno de sus agentes... take vo ---anoche, tres oficiales balearon mortalmente a un hombre de 41 anos quien estaba armado con un cuchillo y que estaba forcejeando con su padre... ---el incidente ocurrio en el departamento de la familia ubicado sobre la calle reeve, cerca del aeropuerto de san jose... ---segun las autoridades, los policias ordenaron al sujeto en repetidas ocasiones que arrojara el cuchillo, pero en vez, este se acerco a su padre de 66 anos y fue cuando los agentes le dispararon... cu ---un incendiario de botes de basura continua haciendo de las suyas al oeste de san jose... take vo ---anoche en la calle "delna manor lane" los bomberos fueron llamados luego de reportarse un basurero en llamas... afortunadamente nadie resulto herido ya que los vecinos apagaron el fuego... ---en esa zona ya se han reportado nueve incendios de ese tipo desde el 26 d
. >> this is a jewish district attorney. >> originally from mexico. his whole passion in life is corruption. the family own add discount store. that wasn't where his heart would you say. he was running this family business and his heart was exposing theing bad guy. for a reporter it became the most fantastic training ground. at dinner my father would talk non stop, the mayor is a crook, the senator is a crook, i am going to get that guy. he would have campaigns, whistle blowers, he had stocking bag stuffers. there was an extrodinary house, lucky house, very grateful for all of that who is hilariously funny. he is holder sister, anita brenner was older, worked in the "new york times" in the 1930s. there are many pictures of anita in those family scrapbooks. unfortunately my father hated his older sister, rather than getting to have wonderful times of gertrudestein in mexico, all i heard was she is a monster. they didn't speak. the idea of her, the largeness of her loomed large in the house. >> so you start out, you become a writer for all of these reasons and you are someone who compulsively takes note
guyana, que ya esta eliminada jugara de local en houston contra mexico que ya esta clasificado al exagonal. la selecciÓn de antigua y barbuda recibe a estados unidos que va con dos bajas importantes, landon donovan quedo fuera por la lesion en la rodilla y el mediocampista brek shea, el tecnico jurgen klinsmann no llamo mas jugadores. en el estadio monumental cuscatlan sera el partido que la fifa le ha llamado de alto riesgo, el salvador recibe a costa rica, una victoria de cualquier selecciÓn podria quedar mas que claro que seria el siguiente clasificado al exagonal donde mexico ya esta. el partido de ida en san jose empataron 2-2. la selecciÓn de canada en casa recibe a cuba que ya esta fuera de toda posibilidad de clasificar. en el estadio mateo flores, la selecciÓn de guatemala tiene un difi Ícil compromiso ante jamaica., otro de los partidos que podria marcar la diferencia para una posible clasificacion al exagonal, el primer enfrentamiento fue victoria para los caribeÑos 2-1. en el estadio romel fernandez, la selecciÓn de panama que esta en buena posiciÓn en la ta
mexico, gary johnson. cnn orc poll last month found johnson polling 3% of the voters nationwide. the chairman of the rnc, reince priebus, says he's not worried about a gary johnson. >> well, understand that they are not going to throw their vote away when we have an election here that's about the future of the america. i just don't see that happening. in fact, i see that it's almost a nonfactor. and so i -- i'm not worried about it. >> with me now, former new mexico governor and a republican when he was governor in new mexico, gary johnson. governor johnson, good morning. >> chuck, great to be with you. thank you. >> let me ask you this. what are you advocating that you don't think is being advocated by either president obama or mitt romney? >> let's not bomb iran, let's get out of afghanistan tomorrow, bring the troops home, marriage equality, that it's a constitutional right. i would have never signed the defense authorization act. balance the federal budget now. eliminate income tax, corporate tax, abolish the irs and replace that with one federal consumption tax which i thin
the rockies avoss the central plains. it expends from texas to new mexico all of the way up to oklahoma and kansas. the main event will be tomorrow. look at all of the cities involved. oklahoma city kansas city up through chicago the heartland where we could have large hail damaging winds and cotornadoes. this will be a spags we are following through out the day and tomorrow. a lot of local forecasters are going to be forecasting this potentially severe outbreak. >> janice dean thank you. >> 9 minutes after the hour. undoe sided voters are key in this election. what did they think of last night's performances. >> i thought he jumped the ygun. shouldn't have done it. >> i thought it was a huge mistake. it was arrogant. it sticks with me. i can't forget that. >> we will have the complete report card from frank luntz' group. >> the company already used up millions and millions of our tax payer dollars. we will tell you all about it. >>> [ male announcer ] when these come together, and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome
a little bit over a thousand miles in legs from the four corners region from arizona, new mexico, colorado and california meet down to the chijuajua area of new mexico. there was one excavation along the way i remember out in the desert nears winslow, arizona. the desert out there is just a still life with a few landmarks on the horizon and this empty hole, the little colorado river desert, the painted desert, and we were working on a 500-room pueblo dating back to about 1400 ad. i just remember the wind just hailing down on us for days and you would be working down with trowels inside of a trench and if you stop for too long, the sand would start to fill up your hole again because it was blowing so much and everybody was turned away from the wind. so it looked like some kind of religious thing was going on here, all these people bowed to the ground for days and days tinkering with some unimaginable smallness in front of them while the wind just pushed harder and harder, sand blasting across you, filling up all the rooms that you just emptied out as if the desert is rolling back over itsel
10/12/12 10/12/12 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] >> from santa fe, new mexico, this is "democracy now!" >> we immediately went out and rescued general motors. we went ahead and major we cut taxes from the middle-class. in addition, when that occurred, what did romney do? m the romney said to let foreclosures hit the bottom rate is should not surprising for a guy who says 47% of the american people are unwilling to take responsibility for their own lives. >> with respect to that, the vice-president very well knows that sometimes the words do not come out of your mouth or by way. [laughter] >> but i always say what i mean. and so does romney. >> as vice-president joe biden and republican congress member paul ryan spar in kentucky, in their only vice-presidential debate, we break the sound barrier including two candidates shut out by the two men political parties. chicano writer luis rodriguez, the vice president to candidate of the justice party, and cheri honkala of the green party. >> there's a real crisis happening in this country. when corporations and the we
years ago in the wake of hurricane katrina. the storm slammed the gulf of mexico killing nearly 2,000 people. new orleans took a direct hit. residents lost their homes. one school o. perry walker high lost its instruments. a nonprofit association of jazz fans in japan immediately sent funds and in doing so help revive the spirit of a city with a rich jazz history. fast forward six years to march 2011. this time musicians in japan's northeast are struck by disaster. the tsunam pummelled the port and taking away the instruments of the city jazz band. they swing dolphins couldn't swing anymore. a month after the disaster the dolphins were back on stage and playing new instruments most of them donated thanks to the efforts of jazz musicians in new orleans. the o. perry walker high school band never forgot the help they received after katrina. they organized congress serts to raise money for their japanese friends. >> i was in the sam predicament five, six years ago and it gives us the opportunity to help them like they helped us. >> many of us lost our instruments. we were able to pla
of mexico. and i tracked routes all the way down to the border over years and then across the mexican border into sonora and then it a place called penacate and then a dune, 5,000 square miles of sand dunes, a beautiful landscape, but no water out there. but pottery, broken pottery all over in certain places and pieces of shell left behind where you could see that the people were crossing these dunes to the sea and picking up shell and then crossing back and then moving it up to phoenix and then from phoenix distributing it throughout the rest of the southwest. the first trip i took out there, we hit this mountain range right at the edge of the dunes. and we were carrying, i don't know, on that trip we were maybe carrying 80 or 90 pounds of water and moving it out to the sand and then we'd drop a cache and then go back and get more water and drop a cache. we were trying to get to the sea of cortez, that was one of the things on our mind, but this landscape, it starts turning your mind inward or outward or it gets hard to tell which way it turns it because it's a psychological place. there's
to mexico. what did you think? >> i thought steven wouldn't go to mexico at gunpoint. i mean, that was -- it was completely out of character for him. >> reporter: then harvey's friend, greg, the stainless steel guy, said he noticed something strange about steven's usually cluttered cabin. >> it was completely sterile. just -- nothing in it. not one loose object. >> reporter: it was as if steven had never set foot in here. and then those boaters made their shocking discovery, steven face-down in the ocean, a bullet in his head. what was it like to get that news? >> oh, it was awful. i felt like i was in some made-for-tv movie. it's like this can't be happening. none of us could believe it was happening. >> reporter: detectives ken clark and robert martindale morrow's boat, steven's last-known residence and they wanted to talk to harvey. they got a search warrant, brought a whole team to the harbor, seized the yacht. when you first walked in, was it -- >> clean. absolutely clean. clean enough where you -- these are my words, eat off the floor. >> reporter: pristine, in fact. an
. en mÉxico, raÚl torres, telemundo. >>> tambiÉn, en mexico, ningÚn organismo se responsabiliza de la desapariciÓn del cuerpo del Último fundador de los zeta. que habrÍa muerto el domingo en un enfrentamiento con oficiales de la marina. la marina dijo que la custodia del cadÁver era responsabilidad de las autoridades estatales. mientras que la procuradurÍa de coahuila aclarÓ que su tra bj no es vigilar funerarias. y el cuerpo de lascano fue robado por el zeta 40. en yemen fue asesinado a tiros uno empleado de la embajada estados unid estadounidense. la vick sÍctima... el fallecidoa 11 aÑos trabajando para la embajada estaba a cargo de investigar el ataque al consulado estadounidense en libia. donde murieron 4 funcionarios de ese paÍs. en guatemala un coronel del ejÉrcito y otros 8.000 tarso fien de nidos acusados ejecuciÓn extrajudicial. por disparar contra civiles en una manifestaciÓn pacÍfica. participaron cientos indÍgenas. 8 personas murieron a manos de militares. guatemala no procesaba militares por hechos como esto. desde que se firmÓ el acuerdo de paz en el e696.
of the country, new thunderstorms popping up here. areas of new mexico. after a quiet first two weeks of october, we are going to have the first weather event starting tomorrow. here is a look at the storms as they push through the area. light rain now. they are racing through central portions of tennessee. the drive on interstate 40 is the worst drive in the country with the storms crossing the interstate as we speak. near springfield, missouri, a lot of lightning strikes. near the springfield area, i'm sure that interstate is not fun, either. isolated strong storms, an area of yellow. it's tomorrow that the storm heads out to the central plains. minisevere weatherout break, possible tornadoes for iowa or missouri. keep an eye on the forecast. you have the best chance of seeing a strong storm. dallas to oklahoma city to tulsa, back to chicago, you have a chance for strong storms. for today, it's not too bad. east coast looks okay. tomorrow is the day of concern. more details on that coming up. >> thanks. >>> also coming up, the pearl harbor of cyber attacks, the biggest diamond in the universe
indeed india, pakistan, lebanon, the united states and mexico. she is the editor of living in america. poetry and fiction by south asian american writers. encounter people of asian decent in the americas her novel, braided tongue was published in 2003. i introduce rashne. >> i'm reading from a selection from a longer narrative. memory is no longer confused. it has a home land. from a farm by the late ali. sometimes the circle breaks and the woman meets the child. face-to-face. each one seeing for the first time her strength in the other. a poem by jenny. [inaudible]. after more than a year of e mails and phone conversations, amy,ling and i met at the university of wisconsin in madison. it was sometime during the mid 1980. calcutta was very hot, said amy. i wondered how our conversation about asian american literature veered to calcutta? calcutta was very hot but i got my first doll there. we spent some time in calcutta when we fled to the united states. the doll didn't look like me blond hair and blue ice bought from calcutta. she comforted me when i remember the sounds of the japane
, charlotte, nueva jersey, virginia y maryland. ademas de otros 30 mil miembros en mexico, el salvador, honduras y guatemala. el departamento de estado dice que ha tratado ese tema con paises de la region. mike hammer, portavoz del departamento de estadonoso tros por parte del departamen to de estado trabajamos muy a fondo con gobiernos centroamer icanos para afrontar problemas de la seguridad de la ciudadania." desde hace 7 anos, autoridades federales han arrestado y procesado a mas de 4 mil integrantes de la ms-13. standup: fernando pizarro, washington d.c. la ms-13 es la primera pandilla que recibe esta designacion de organizacion criminal transnacional y se uno a otros grupos violentos como los zetas mexicanos y la camorra italiana. desde washington, fernando pizarro, univision. amigos y amigas que tal... bienvenidos!! la emocion continua en la capital, anoche ganaron los nacionales. .. y hoy vuelven a enfrentar a los cardenales de san luis. .esta manana cientos de personas fueron a comprar sus entradas, claudia uceda con los este sera un intenso fin de semana para los candidatos a
district. our presidential candidate is gary johnson, a former two term governor of new mexico for example you elect him and jim gray, they will end the wars, balance the budget respect lib terries and get government out of the way. i make the same promises to voters in the 8th district, tend war, balance the budget, restore civil liberties and get government out of our way. every libertarian stands by the same principals. don't stay home and discuss and don't tell yourself you have to vote for the lesser of two evils. be libertarian and it will revolutionize the way business is done in washington. be libertarian and bring an end to bombings, bailouts and big brotherrism. ë% do the job. thanks for your )?time and atten2j. >> we have time for a fo questions. the economy -- few questions, the economy, $16 i(kñtrillion deficit. 2r @&c% tár'g a mess. s iy]lj what is your solution to this? wof eaq most x?c7ñpoliticians and voter to the problem. 9odaho:cazyñb promise more government. 2012 what we í > is less government. if you want to address the debt and stww/.Ñ less government goisp
, cooler air comes in. that air is colliding with warmer air from the gulf of mexico. creating a potential for severe weather in the ozarks into tonight. well, with severe weather should be moving towards the west. areas like the central plains and the southern plains, will be, at risk of severe weather on your friday. severe thunderstorms, gusty winds. and hail are possible. now out west, things are looking more wintry. we have regot heavy rain possib. heavy snow is likely in the four corners region in colorado. in the next 24 hours. out west, showers along the western coast. and then mountain snow for the canadian rockies on your friday. temperatures are cooling down to 12 degrees in vancouver. slightly warming up to 10 degrees in winnipeg. 12 in chicago. but we'll be warming up to 22 degrees as we head into your saturday. all right. finally, let's go over to europe then. things are calming down across ice lan. however, looking quite stormy across the uk and western continent. wet, windy weather. moving towards germany and over the next 24 hours. thunderstorms in italy should be moving t
jersey and new mexico in three seconds. >> stephen: but the jump room later teleported him further. >> the location they were taking us to was mars. >> stephen: the red planet and wait until you hear who andrew traveled with. >> about a barack h. obama. >> stephen: the president of united states. >> several time is i went to mars with him and was present on the surface with him and others. >> stephen: meaning obama has a secret martian past. a secret past protected by a conspiracy of silence that goes all the way to the e.p.a. and desk of carol browner, former head of e.p.a., obama's friend and climate czar. >> i ran the e.p.a. for 8 years. i worked with the best scientists in the world. teleportation is not clear -- real. >> stephen: really. we found an expert who backs up his claim. >> are you roll something in please roll. >> stephen: captain please explain. >> you have an electrical today in you'll that is emanating energy. you put a mole kuhl here. -- molecule here. you have a nodule of the opposite positive negative. that mol coal goes -- molecule goes -- like you know how yo
probably know, was the governor of michigan and the head of the car company and born in mexico. had he been born of mexican parents, he might have had a shot. >> actually, mitt, that is so true. the advantage is obvious. people of hispanic presidents, to jorge bush. ultimately for you, mitt, you were cursed with the hard knock life of growing up as the son of a wealthy governor and auto executive? but the truth is, the reason why latinos aren't voting for you is because your policies suck. being latino wouldn't win you the election. but saying jokingly that you wish you were might actually lose it for you. >> whoa. that's tough stuff. that's kind of a hard-edged shot. that's a shot at romney. i mean, his parents weren't in mexico because -- they were there because of piligamy and the problems of living in the united states. there it is. not getting into all of that. but the point is, what's the point of the joke? it wasn't funny to begin with. do you think you guys made it funny? >> that's our goal. i think what we did was partner with american bridge, the premier organization, super pac ou
know, was the government of michigan, head of a car company, but he was born in mexico. had he been born of mexican parents, i'd have a better shot at winning this. >> actually, mitt, that is so true. the advantage is obvious. think of all of our hispanic american presidents from jorge washington, to jorge bush. fortunately, for you, mitt, you were cursed with the hard knock life of growing up as the son of a wealthy governor and auto executive? but the truth is, the reason why latinos aren't voting for you is because your policies suck. being latino wouldn't win you the election. but saying jokingly that you wish you were might actually lose it for you. >> whoa. that's tough stuff. mick, we haven't had you on before. liz has been here before. i want you first. that's kind of a hard-edged shot. that's a shot at romney. i mean, his parents weren't in mexico because they were -- they were there because of polygamy and the problems they were having living in the united states. that's all history. there it is. the idea -- well, anyway, not getting into all that weeds, but the point is w
. investigators believe he is in a white car fleeing to mexico. the victims are expected to survive. >>> investigators discovered where a fire started, it began in the rear of the building. the cause hasn't been determined but a dozen businesses were damaged by the flames. investigators say the flames spread and burned for hours. >>> the government is targeting the finances of a violent street gang by calling the ms- 13 gang a transnational criminal organization. the government now has the power to put economic sanctions on the organization. they can freeze their assets within the united states and make banking more difficult for members. ms-13 is a very violent gang created by immigrants. >>> we are just minutes away from the start of the a's game tonight to determine if they go on to the american league championship series. a live look outside right now. a lot of fans here and today the team tweeted if the a's win tonight they will remove the tarps from the third deck that means 11,000 more seats will be available for the next game. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar is live in oakl
explosion in the gulf of mexico, a layer of oil is floating in the spill area. the u.s. coast guard today said oil samples match b.p.'s macando well, and the oil giant says the sheen likely came from a bent pipe under the surface. lawmakers are calling for an inspection, but federal officials say they don't think the oil will make it to shore. two years ago, the transocean- owned and british petroleum- operated "deepwater horizon" rig exploded, killing 11 people and causing the worst offshore oil spill in u.s. history. weaker than expected demand-- that's what advanced micro devices said tonight as it cut third-quarter revenue estimates. the computer chip maker says a sluggish global economy is hurting sales across all product lines. amd now sees revenues falling 10% to around $1.3 billion. the shares ended the regular trading session up slightly at $3.20 a share. for the year, they're down 41%, and in after-hours trading tonight, they fell below $3. the a.m.d. warning comes as we see personal computer sales in a nosedive. two research firms are out with new data showing p.c. shipments in
spectacular characters were taking shape over the skies of new mexico. larger-than-life flowers, animals, and even rock stars took flight. >> this is the special shapes rodeo at the annual balloon fiesta in albuquerque. some high winds made for rough landings. but the event didn't disappoint. >>> with that, a look at your morning road conditions. snow-covered passes in the colorado and utah mountains. a wet ride from southern california to vegas and albuquerque. thunderstorms also drench highways from wichita to amarillo. slick highways in the pacific northwest. >> if you're flying, airport delays are possible in los angeles, san diego, san francisco, and vegas. >>> the retired space shuttle "endeavour" is on the move this morning. >> the aging spacecraft has begun its two-day journey from the airport to its final home at a los angeles museum. here's abc's tahman bradley. >> reporter: overnight, the space shuttle "endeavour" began its final journey. "endeavour" left the los angeles airport en route to its retirement home at the california science center. >> i'm going to watch it. i want
across, through the east? >> reporter: well, tonight, we've already seen new mexico have some isolated hail reports coming out. what's going to happen is, the warm front and the cold front are going to move north and east. dodge city, all the way down into parts of western texas are in the zone that needs to be concerned. but tomorrow, it gets very wide and goes all the way north to minneapolis, south to dallas and that includes chicago and st. louis, for those folks, they have to be ware tomorrow. isolated tornadoes, very strong winds, up to 80 miles an hour and that hail. we'll be watching it on "gma" tomorrow and have all the updates throughout the weekend. >> so, the whole country is going to be effected. thank you so much, ginger. >>> and now, the starting gun sounded today, 74 days until christmas. and, a goliath superstore, today, best buy, gave consumers a new way to save money. now, a number of retail giants are trying to compete and abc's linsey davis explains. >> reporter: the war is on. retail titans fighting for your shopping dollars. putting more power in the hands of all
autoridades de innmigracion deportaron a mexico por error a un estadounidense con problemas mentales y de alli fue enviado a victima ya esta en su casa de atlanta y hablo con univisionmas esta tarde. >buenas tardes, el tumor que tenia jesús gabriel pesaba 15 kg, le provoca problemas respiratorios y le impedia la movilidad. >>el pequeño ya puede moverse con tranquilidad gracias a la cirugia. >>es originario de durango. >>le doy gracias al seguro social porque le esta dando otra cálidads de vida a mi hijo >>sabia que la operación era complicada, que podia perdera mi chiquito, lo deje todo en manos de dios >>el niño pesaba 25 kilos, de los cuales 15 eran del tumor. >>la operación duró quince horas. el 2 de octubre fue intervenido por 4 horas, por segunda ocasion. >>en las clínicas de excelencia que tenemos para malformaciones congénitas como es este caso. >>este caso fue revisado por una comité de bioetica, formado también por un sacerdote, después de anali
and it shows the swing states. nevada, colorado, and even new mexico, and iowa, wisconsin, michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, new hampshire, virginia, north carolina, and florida. if you live in one of these swing states, we want to hear from you during this next segment and your opinion and all that kind of stuff. so go ahead and dial in now and we want to show you just a little more from last night's state. this is on the topic of libya. [video clip] >> when you look at what has happened just in the last few weeks, the u.s. ambassador out to say this was because of a protest of a youtube video. it took the president two weeks to announce this was a terrorist attack. he went to the u.n. talked about the youtube video six times. if we are hit by terrorists, we will call it what it is, a terrorist attack. our ambassador in tehran has a marine detachment guarding him. should we not have the same for our ambassador in benghazi, a place where we knew there was a al qaeda cell with arms? this is becoming more troubling by the day. now they're trying to blame the romney-ryan ticket for making this a
markets which are texas, oklahoma, new mexico and a little bit of louisiana, have fabulous dem graphics and are very very large. if you picked up our existing footprint and spread it out, our territory is as big as boston to new orleans. it's a large territory. huge growth. we see the opportunity to build a larger, stronger business continuing in our trends in the coming years. >> one thing occurred to me, we have seen from time-to-time, sunoco got bought out by energy transfer and circle k, others in the business. why have they not done mlp similar to this? we don't have a lot without a lot of risk. >> i think that we are the first to take advantage of the mlp structure inside the fuel distribution side of the business. but there are other companies, i think, that study it hard. there may be other names that come to market this year. >> let's talk about fuel. we are very interested in natural gas, texas, oklahoma. huge amount of natural gas. would you ever see that stripes would ever have compressed natural gas pumps? >> jim, i think we will have a couple of sites in test mode in the n
to mexico if i did not do well in school. >> was that a scary threat? >> yes, because i believed him. >> you did not want to go back to mexico? >> i wanted to make him proud, and that another thing i felt was because i begged him to bring me, i felt i owed him that, i felt that i never wanted my father to say i should not have brought you. >> reyna grande and growing up an illegal alien in los angeles, part of book tv this weekend on c-span2. >> reaction from swing state voters to last night pass vice- presidential debate from today's "washington journal." host: swing state of voters only. we will begin with a call from the swing state of virginia. this is can it in mount sydney, virginia, on our mitt romney line. good morning. it was degrading watching politicians laughing and smirking at each other when they should be a working together. enough about that. i want these politicians to realize that they work for the american people, and they should reason to get their. all of them should work closely. we have different opinions, but they need to res and together to get the job done. and i wa
now. >> let's see who can win. >> who is going to win? come on. >> you're from new mexico. >> new jersey. i grew up in long island, new york. a yankees fan, all the way. >> i'm a yankee fan, the big news tonight in new york is that they are sitting down a- rod. a-rod will not start. the yankees do what they have to do to win and they are looking forward to their world series title and they don't care if the o's are in the way. >> don't you get tired of winning? you have a shortstop, you don't have a-rod in there. you have a guy that can't hit his weight. i mean, i'm looking at this now. what's this guy? granderson hitting .053 in give me a break. they are going to take it tonight and you're gone. you're going down. >> the a-rod thing is good or bad, because they could rally around him and say hey, we're going to step up the rally. what is your take on that if. >> well, i think it's a good thing for the team, guys, because his bat has been silenced. his passion doesn't seem to be there. and you know what? i think it's a smart move, cici is going to be on the mound an
texas. showers, thunderstorms from southern cali to new mexico. 4 to 8 inches of snow in the rockies. you can get your ski on. showers from seattle to portland. chilly blast in the midwest. as well as northeast. >> sound a little bit like paula dean. >> paula dean. you know i like me some mbacon wrapped mac and cheese. >>> mostly 70s from finphoenix billings. >>> for the first time in one month, our friend robin roberts enjoying comforts of home and fresh air. >> look at that. robin celebrated with family, friend, hospital staff as she was released from the hospital. following the bone marrow transplant for the rare blood disorder she suffers from. robin's doctors say the first big step in the road to recovery. she still need time to rebelled her immune system and get it back up. >> robin plans to get plenty of rest until she gets the all clear. meantime, a string of celebrity guest hosts are keeping her seat warm at the "gma" anchor desk. can't wait to have her back, healthy. she looks beautiful. >> thinking of you, robin. congratulations. >>> the funniest things we have seen from v
to become a biology instructor. [laughter] some places where republicans picked great candidates like mexico and florida was a disappointment but democrats had 53 seats and republican have 47 so republicans made a three seat net gain if they win the presidency and vice president paul ryan would break the tie and four seats if they don't. republicans will win nebraska ben nelson's democratic seat so effectively it is 50-48 so republicans need two or three seats after you factor in nebraska. or attend tossups, five democratic in five republican i think the day after the election, don't think we will be sure who will be in the majority in the senate. i would give democrats a little bit of an edge with 10 races that are effectively within three points and one thing about the senate race is on election day in the nephew take out the way the elections like 06 and i wait for democrats, 2010 for republicans they -- two-thirds had to break one way or the other like dominos and they tend to break more one way or the other wherever that last -- >> because the race is so close. >> with this group in 06,
of the suspects. mexico claims that teenager was killed. >>> a minnesota woman who says she was infected with a potentially steroid injection is fewing necc. the nationwide death toll has claimed to 14 in this outbreak. 170 people are injected. the cdc says 14,000 people may have received tainted injections. now, the debate and the baseball playoffs maybe you forgot there was football last night. i sure missed it. the tennessee titans kicked a field goal late to beat the pittsburgh steelers. here it is. through the uprights. they win, 26-23. soledad? >> good shot. all right, john, thank you. after flying 25 missions in space, the shutle "endeavour" is taking a go-slow approach for mission number 26. a trip to its retirement home at the california science center. you're looking at live pictures there. "endeavour" is going to enjoy one long victory lap through the streets of l.a. for today and into tomorrow. john zarrella is live for us in los angeles this morning. god that is such a great shot. i think it's a nice thing that they're going to take it slow. good morning. >> yeah, well they
, and also some. this piece of energy which had tornado warnings in parts of new mexico and arizona this morning, flooding as far north as nevada and southern utah, will bring some snow to the higher elevations as well. that chunk of energy will come out into the plains as we go through tomorrow and meet up with that front pushing east. look for severe weather not only today but tomorrow across the central plains. that may spell isolated tornadoes and potentially some damaging wind and large hail. highs today 55. chicago 55. a chilly night tonight. and a frosty wake-up call across the twri state area of new york city tomorrow. may want to sleep in, and wait until things warm up in the afternoon. guys, back up to you. >> such great advice. thank you very much, rob. 45 minutes past the hour. new this morning, a new u.s. ambassador reporting for duty in libya. the white house recalled veteran diplomat lawrence pope to serve temporarily as a senior envoy in libya. the appointment comes a month after ambassador chris stevens died in the benghazi consulate attack. pope retired from the fo
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